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Forgiveness The Door to LifeThe most often asked question on the Basic Gospel broadcast is "How can I know my sins are forgiven?” This booklet answers that question loud and clear. Forgiveness is found at the cross of Christ Jesus. This truth will turn fear and guilt into peace and freedom, and bring joy and thankfulness to your heart. Coming to grips with what Christ accomplished for us on the cross will change your life.

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Are you looking for a life that is abundant and free?

Jesus Christ made this amazing statement—“I have come that they might have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). This statement is amazing because it shows God’s desire for you. Jesus Christ wants you to experience life—His life, in and through you, every day, here and now.

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Profiles in CharacterOur gift to you this month is Profiles in Character: Lessons from Unlikely Heroes.

With a curious heart, Bob Christopher investigates three well-known Bible accounts – the stories of Samaritans – to nd out what we can learn from these unlikely heroes. The lessons are life-changing.

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