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Unlikely Heroes

Dear Friend,

Who is your favorite biblical character?

I know. It is hard to pick just one. The Bible is full of fascinating people.

Let me tell you about an unlikely bible hero that has captured my attention of late.

He doesn’t hold a large place in Scripture. He isn’t even named. He was simply one of a group of ten men who met Jesus.

Luke recorded the story. Here is how it went.

Jesus entered a village near the border of Galilee and Samaria. He was met by ten men with leprosy. They stood at a distance from Him as the law commanded and they cried out, “Jesus, master, have pity on us.”

Jesus instructed them in a seemingly strange way; “Go show yourselves to the priest.” These ten lepers did exactly what Jesus commanded. On their way, they were miraculously cleansed. The leprosy was gone.

Then something interesting took place. One of the ten turned back to thank Jesus. The curious part is that this guy was a Samaritan. What made him turn back and not the other nine?

If you know anything about the Samaritans, you know they were hated by the Jews. There was no love lost between these two groups. They were bitter enemies. The Jews considered the Samaritans outsiders.

Yet, in this story, the outsider emerged as the hero. To this unlikely character, Jesus said, “Your faith has made you whole.”

The nine Jews were healed of leprosy. Only the Samaritan experienced salvation. This is what intrigues me. This Samaritan responded to Jesus in faith. His thankful heart was the evidence. This unlikely figure teaches us that faith always says “thank you” to Jesus Christ.

It is a wonderful reminder to us as we enter this time of thanksgiving.

November 2013It is also a wonderful reminder of the deep appreciation I have for you. Through your gifts to Basic Gospel, you are helping many respond to Jesus just like this Samaritan.

Just recently, Christopher from South Africa sent this encouraging note.

Hi guys,

Thank you for your incredible ministry… Your programs are a daily nourishment, filled with hope for life in this world.

The Truth you share is a true blessing to me. Many thanks.

Can I count on you to give this month to reach others like Christopher? A gift of any amount is significant to this work. To say thank you for your support, I want to send you a copy of Profiles in Character, Lessons from Unlikely Heroes – a three message audio series that unpacks the character faith produces in the lives of God’s people.

When you send your gift to Basic Gospel, simply check the box on the reply card to request your copy. This series will help you stand out as a person of genuine character. Request your copy today and join the ranks as a hero in God’s story of redemption.

Let me thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity this month in helping to proclaim Jesus Christ and the practical reality of His life in us through this Ministry.

Again, thank you for your faithful support and friendship. I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. May your heart, along with ours, overflow with gratitude as we reflect on all the blessings God has provided to us in Jesus Christ.

From one thankful heart to another,

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher

The offer, Profiles in Character, Lessons from Unlikely Heroes, associated with this letter has expired, however you may purchase it online here or request it by phone at 844.412.2742.

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