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A Big Moment

Dear Friend,

Derek Redmond, a British runner, was primed to win the 400 meter race at the 1992 Summer Olympics. Near the halfway mark of the semifinal heat, Redmond tore his hamstring muscle and fell to the track in agonizing pain.

Somehow, he picked himself up and hobbled toward the finish line. Then something unexpected happened.

Derek’s father ran onto the track toward his son. When he reached him, he grabbed hold of Derek and helped him cross the finish line.

When interviewed following the race, Mr. Redmond said this, “...he had to finish and I was there to help him finish.”

What Mr. Redmond did for his son reminds me of the inspirational ways you help Basic Gospel through your prayers and gifts.

Faithful friends, like you, have always come along side to help the ministry finish each year strong. We are counting on your help again as we race toward December 31st.

We do not want to fall behind going into next year. It would not be good stewardship on our part. As I write this letter, we need $320,000 between now and the end of the year to fulfill our financial obligations for 2013.

Can I count on you to give a generous gift between now and December 31 to help meet this need?

Year after year, we have seen God provide in extraordinary ways, and it has always been through His people. Thank you in advance for helping us cross the 2013 finish line.

But let me tell you the real reason your prayers and gifts are so important. They help Basic Gospel come to the aid of many who struggle in their faith, people who have been knocked down by life. This was the case for my new friend, Lee.

Lee lives in the Houston area. He drives a truck and listens to radio much of the day. Earlier this year he discovered Basic Gospel on KCTA, our local affiliate in Corpus Christi, TX.

After several months of listening, Lee called me. “Bob,” he said, “I’m calling to tell you that Basic Gospel has changed my life. I was a very bad guy, I mean a very, very bad guy. But now I know my sins have been totally forgiven.”

He had tried anything and everything he could to ease his guilt and find peace. But nothing took away the enormous burden he carried. Even his religious attempts were unsuccessful. Hope for forgiveness was quickly slipping away.

All that changed as he started hearing the message of Jesus’ finished work on the cross through the radio broadcast.

December 2013The passage that changed everything for Lee was this: “Their sins and lawless acts, I will remember no more. And where these have been forgiven, there is no longer any sacrifice for sins” (Hebrews 10:17, 18).

He told me when the forgiveness of God hit his heart; he stopped his truck and screamed at the top of his lungs. I would like to have seen that!

As much as I like big moments in sports, like Derek Redmond’s story, they pale in comparison to the moments God produces in the lives of His children.

Thank you for coming alongside Lee when he was down and needed help. He wanted forgiveness of sins more than anything else in life. But he couldn’t get there on his own. You helped lift him up and carry him to the work of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for making a difference in his life and in the lives of so many others around the world.

Your gifts truly are an investment in the power of the Gospel to bring life, forgiveness, peace and joy to hurting hearts everywhere. Believe me, there are many, many more people like Lee who need you to lift them up and carry them to the Lord Jesus.

As I mentioned earlier, we need you now to help us across this year's finish line. Please make your most generous gift. To say thanks, I would like to send you a copy of Forgiveness – The Door to Life.

If you’ve listened to Basic Gospel for very long, you know forgiveness of sins ranks number 1 as the most discussed topic on the program. When we are not sure of God’s forgiveness, we struggle with a gnawing fear of God’s punishment. This was Lee’s story.

This booklet will help take away that gnawing fear and carry you to that point of knowing once and for all that “your sins have been forgiven on account of His name” (1 John 2:12). If you have friends or family members who wrestle with this issue, this is a great resource to share with them.

For your copy, simply check the box on the reply slip and return it along with your gift to Basic Gospel.

I do look forward to hearing from you soon. I hope that you and yours will have a happy and merry Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the One who loves you and gave Himself for you.

Merry Christmas,

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher

The offer, Forgiveness – The Door to Life, associated with this letter has expired, however you may purchase it online here or request it by phone at 844.412.2742.

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