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Partners In The Gospel

Dear Friend,

My friend, Frank, recently sent an encouraging note about the impact of the ministry in his life. I want to share his story with you because it highlights the struggle so many Christians experience. And it points out why it is so important that we continue to reach out through radio, the internet, and social media with the teaching of the grace of God and the New Covenant.

But first, let me thank you for your involvement with Basic Gospel. You are the backbone of this ministry – faithful and consistent. Your ongoing support allows us to maintain our presence on the stations that carry the broadcast.

As we begin 2014, would you be willing to become a Basic Gospel Partner by giving a gift of $35 each month? $35 reaches 100 people with the good news of Jesus. Some of you already give at this level, and more, and we thank you. If you are not giving at this level we ask that you prayerfully consider if it might be possible to increase to $35 every month.

Your support funds our radio outreach and internet presence, and helps us produce valuable New Covenant resources. But the real impact of your gifts is changed lives, like Frank’s.

Here is his story.

I was born again in 1993. I spent almost 7 years in legalism. Frustrated, I decided not to continue with something that was impossible for me to accomplish.

Very deep inside me, there was something saying, "Do not lose hope. You will have the answers you are looking for."

Afraid of going back to church to the same rules and regulation, I decided to take a different route. I opted for the radio, and what happened next? I was back to square one listening again to the same rules and regulations.

Three years went by. I kept changing radio station to radio station at different times of the day. And one day I heard Basic Gospel for the first time. I said to myself, "ANOTHER LEGALISTIC PREACHER, LET'S WAIT AND SEE WHAT HE HAS TO SAY."

After about 10 minutes of listening, I started to cry. I knew that this was no coincidence; God was answering all the questions that needed to be answered. Since that day, I have been listening to BASIC GOSPEL and telling relatives and friends about this wonderful ministry and this amazing BASIC GOSPEL.

God Bless you all, Frank

More and more Christians, like Frank, are choosing various media to find answers and help. They are not looking for more rules and regulations. They want to know the grace of God and experience new life in Jesus Christ.

Through your support of Basic Gospel, you are helping build a solid media platform that is reaching believers and unbelievers alike with the good news that Jesus Christ is alive. There are many more Frank’s out there. Let’s keep sharing the good news together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. February 1st, we are releasing our new Bible study guide, The New Covenant Journey. It lays out the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly and completely. It is an ideal source book for your personal study or a small group. I want you to have it as our thanks for your partnership in the Gospel. Please check the box on the enclosed reply card when you send your first monthly gift of 2014. Also, if you decide to become a Basic Gospel Partner please check that box, too.

Thank you in advance for your help here at the beginning of the year. I think 2014 is going to be a banner year for Basic Gospel.

Because He lives,

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher

P.S. Your financial support at the beginning of the year will start Basic Gospel’s 2014 on solid footing. This is shaping up to be a banner year. And as always, thanks for your partnership in the Gospel.

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