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Is Freedom Just Another Word?

Dear Friend,

What in this world is really worth fighting for?

In a word, freedom.

We know about freedom here in America. It’s central to our identity. We fought for our independence and have continued to defend it for well over 200 years.

But as wonderful as our national freedom is, it doesn’t compare with the spiritual freedom we enjoy through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ!

As Janet Mefferd, the host of Janet Mefferd Today, writes...

As Americans, there is nothing we treasure more than freedom. And yet, today, our American freedoms are increasingly under attack. Yet even as we lament this erosion of freedom in America, we must remember what the Founders understood: It is God, not government, who is the author of freedom. And as Christians, we are free no matter what our government does!

The Lord Jesus told us, "If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" (John 8:36). Through faith in His death and resurrection, we have now been "set free from the law of sin and death" (Romans 8:2). Because of this, Ephesians 3:12 says: "In Him and through faith in Him, we may approach God with freedom and confidence."

And so, we are to "live as people who are free ... living as servants of God" (I Peter 2:16). Political freedom is a precious gift, one to be treasured and defended. But even greater is our eternal freedom in Christ, freedom He earned for us—and freedom that can never be taken away.

Freedom in Christ is not something to take lightly. At every turn, our freedom is being attacked. When circumstances get tough, or when the temptations of the world and the desires of the flesh try to overcome us, legalism tries to destroy our freedom and return us to bondage.

That’s why Basic Gospel continues to proclaim Christ’s message of freedom and encourage believers to stand firm in His grace.

And it’s why your continued support is so critical.

Together, we fight for people who are bound by fear, guilt, and shame... men and women trapped in sin, shackled by religious do’s and don’ts, and struggling to break free of emotional bondage.

These are the people you help liberate with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ!

You’re standing with us on the front lines of this fight to liberate people like Brad, a Navy veteran from Tennessee, who writes…

Brad from Tennessee

While defending our freedom, I found the only true freedom that matters. And I must say that I love to find it fresh each morning in this world of despair. I am truly thankful to the many others who have served and gave their lives for us so that I can write a letter such as this. Yet, the only blood spilled on this earth that saves eternally is found in Christ alone.

Here's the reality we face. Legalism, sin, religion and the world system want to keep us behind bars.

But God thinks differently. Freedom is his goal for us, and he's equipped us to handle it.

That’s why I’m asking for your very best gift of $35, $50, $75 or more to help proclaim that message of freedom to even more people all over the world!

Now, as Paul exhorts in Galatians 5:1, let’s continue to stand firm in the freedom that’s ours in Christ, Jesus... and let’s continue delivering the Truth that sets people free.

Thank you again for your generosity to help more people hear, believe, and live the good news of Jesus Christ.

Standing firm together in His grace, Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher

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