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There Is An Answer For Depression

Dear Friend,

Everyone has problems. But sadly, very few people seek help until they are overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and depression.

Now these emotions plague every segment of society today. But let me point out one group in particular—the Millennials. Here are some alarming statistics.

  • In an analysis reviewing nearly 200 studies involving more than 129,000 students in 47 countries, more than 25% of medical students report depressive symptoms or depression, while one in ten experiences suicidal thoughts.
  • In another study it was reported 16% of all college students as having been diagnosed with depression.
  • Another survey reported over half of American college students reported depressive symptoms.
  • On American college campuses it is estimated that as high as 25-50% of the students have been medicated with antidepressants.
  • The proliferation of "safe spaces" in our schools and cities, and the fact that they are so busy, indicates a large part of our population knows nothing of dealing with adversity.

This group, more than any other, turns to social media and YouTube for answers. They want to know how to overcome anxiety or break free from the bonds of self-pity and depression.

So they search. But what they find for answers is far from the truth that will set them free. For example, I typed “how to overcome anxiety” in the YouTube search engine. 530,000 results were returned. Of the top results, not one offered a biblical solution.

They are not finding truth. And we think it is time to change that.

Already, thanks to the generous support of friends like you, the Basic Gospel broadcast is airing a live video feed each day to Facebook and YouTube. To give you a sense of the size and potential, Facebook boasts over 1.86 billion users and YouTube users watch over 3.25 billion hours of video each month.

With your help, many of the Millennials searching for truth will find it through a Basic Gospel video.

As my son, Coleman, said about YouTube, “YouTube is an awesome place to learn about almost anything! So why not Jesus?

The exciting part of this venture is knowing what happens when people encounter the good news of Jesus Christ. A wonderful example is from our friend Samuel, whom we have grown to know through Facebook. Here is what he wrote to us recently.

Everything changed. The day I heard and believed the truth everything changed. Just when I thought that I was failing God, Bob Christopher set me free with his own testimony. And Richard followed with his own testimony. It was like putting the last two pieces of a million pieces puzzle together. Forever, forever, forever I will be grateful for Basic Gospel...I had received many versions of Christianity before, but the result was me trying harder and harder to measure up and keep up. But when I heard the true message of Christ, I was no longer ashamed of myself. I felt truly loved for the first time in my life. I breathe like I hadn't breathed for a very, very long time.

Samuel’s story is more evidence for the power of the Gospel. It cuts through confusion and the emotional storms of life and brings clarity, certainty and peace to human hearts.

It is just as Paul wrote to the Colossians: “...the word of truth, the bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth...” (Colossians 1:6).

With Facebook and YouTube, and all the other platforms for ministry, we are living in unprecedented times to proclaim Jesus. The opportunities are enormous. And people are searching for answers, for truth.

As people get bogged down with life and the emotions of fear, anxiety and depression get the best of them, they will cry out for help. You can answer that cry! As thanks for your gift this month I will send you a copy of The Breakout, a 2-CD audio teaching series that explains the causes of the emotional spiral and the only true solution to it. This is invaluable information that will help you, your family and your friends.

Let’s be there to connect them to the love of Jesus Christ. Let’s be there to tell them truth that will set them free.

Your financial gifts will make a difference. I look forward to hearing from you.

Because the truth matters,

Bob Christopher
Bob Christopher

The offer, The Breakout, associated with this letter has expired, however you may purchase it online here or request it by phone at 844.412.2742.

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