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April 1, 2017


With this edition coming out on April 1, my first thought was to make up something totally outrageous and then spring … April Fools! But with all the fake news prevalent these days, I thought better of it.

But that doesn’t belie the fakt that both Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer have decided to retire and leave me to do the program alone. I will be broadcasting the program daily from my new home studio just up the beach from Lahaina, Hawaii. And oh, yes, registrations have now topped a quarter-million for our next conference, to be held in my backyard at that same site.

Did I mention that this is the first of April?

Okay, turning serious now, here’s what I have for you this weekend … from inside the studio…

Sex before marriage

From Denver, Joseph asks if sex before marriage defiles the union.

Is forgiveness contingent upon repentance?

Via eMail, this question from Daniel

Reluctance in sharing the gospel

Chris from Fairfax, Virginia, shares his reluctance to share the gospel and his concern that his hesitation may be an indication from God that he is not supposed to.

Defending the gospel with a long-time, intellectual friend

From Arlington, Texas, Jeff’s concern is that his friend of many years may be resistant to the gospel (drugs and alcohol figure into this circumstance).

Thanks for checking in this weekend! We’ll be back next weekend with more. I hope you’ll stop by! Wishing you all a blessed weekend and new week to come!

Bob Davis