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April 16, 2016

A Special Visit

This past week was a fun one. We had the pleasure of hosting Abraham Hillel, our guide for the upcoming Israel tour.

Abraham has guided Israel tours for many years and is a prolific student of the biblical, archeological, and geographical history of the Holy Land.

Although I referred to Abraham on the broadcast as an Israeli “historian”, he came to me privately to say that he is not a “professor” of all things Israeli, just a man who loves his country and wants to share its rich visual and spiritual treasures with those who visit.

Bob Davis with Abraham Hillel
Bob Davis with Abraham Hillel

We learned something else interesting about Abraham while he was here. We had lunch as Los Jalapeños in Carrollton — and he likes Tex-Mex!

Our broadcast visits with Abraham were educational and very enlightening as to what we can expect weather-wise in the month of February, and as to any danger that might be inherent in a visit (you will have to listen—click below—to find out).

Concerning those who will be touring with us, Abraham seemed to want to make something very clear:

He believes that those who travel with us will not “choose” to make the trip, but instead will be “chosen” to do so. Now, there’s a think-about-it statement.

As we ended the recording of the program with Abraham, I felt like he had much more to say. So I suggested that we do a second program with him. Which we did.

Click here to listen to the first program… (Second program will be available at a later time. Watch this space for the date.)

Click here for information on the tour, February 7-18, 2017…

We now return to our normal programming:

The Law of Moses

For the Gentiles, too?

That’s the question from Steve in Roanoke, Virginia.

Listen to the answer from Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer.

Concern over “State Tests”

Is there a spirit at work?

Nine-year-old Aliya called from the Bronx with concern over the spiritual component of facing hard tests in school, and wonders if there is some spirit at work to distress her like with King Saul.


About Salvation

If there is anything that underscores more perfectly why it is absolutely vital for Basic Gospel to be on the air, live, every day, I don’t know what it is.

In this call, Denise from Carmichael, California, describes the frustration and worry of being unsure of her salvation.

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Until next Saturday, have a great week, everybody!

Bob Davis