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April 23, 2016

Hello, everybody! Welcome to this week’s edition of ItS!

This week we aired the second of our two interviews with Abraham Hillel, the tour guide for our upcoming visit to the Holy Land.

Mr. Hillel has much to show and tell about his home country and is anxious to share it with us. We hope “us” includes you this coming February.

Click here for the second program/interview with Abraham…

And click below to hear more about our visit…


Now to this week’s calls…


A pervasive issue

Increasingly, men are coming forward to confess that pornography has become an addictive influence in their lives. Let’s listen to a very interesting call from Craig in Jamaica, New York, who listens on WMCA…


An interesting and accurate assertion from Richard

From Long Island, New York, also listening on WMCA, Valerie called to ask Richard to clarify a statement he had made about witnessing in the flesh as opposed to witnessing in the spirit. He had termed it an “abomination”. Let’s find out why…


Is this the “mark of the beast”?

Of concern to many as we move deeper into what some believe may be the end of the age is the advent of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip.

Implanted under the skin, the chip is capable of storing huge amounts of retrievable information (data) about the host person. Some, including Tony, also from New York City, wonder if this is the mark of the beast, referenced in the Revelation.

Let’s hear what Bob Christopher has to say about it…


At home, at work, in life!

An anonymous listener in Grand Blanc, MI, is beaten up and beaten down by issues swirling in every direction and doesn’t know how to deal with it all. Oh, by the way, he happens to be a Sunday School teacher.

Let’s listen…

Thanks for stopping by

Thanks for checking out this first edition of Inside the Studio. I hope you have enjoyed it. I will have more exciting things to share in our next edition. See you soon!

Bob Davis