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April 29, 2017

Greetings, everybody!

Thanks for stopping by. On this weekend’s edition we’ll deal with:

  • what should we do with our bodies once we die
  • does confession produce more forgiveness
  • repentance – is it issue by issue, or a total life change
  • Old Covenant practices in the New Covenant

Cremation vs. Burial

With the increasing costs of burial plots in our cemetaries, Darrell from Denton, Texas, would like to know how cremation would impact our resurrection bodies.


Confession for forgiveness

Jane in Federal Way, Washington, presents the always interesting topic of confession in relation to forgiveness. What’s the truth about confession for forgiveness?



Jeremy, via email, needs a better definition of the term.


Tithes and Fasting in the New Covenant

The question was posed by Teresa, Wantagh, New York, on an earlier date, but we revisit it this week because so many have questions on these issues.


Thanks for stopping by…

Bob Davis

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