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April 30, 2016


Immediate answers for right now issues

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t mention the importance of the Basic Gospel radio program being on the air live. “Why live,” you might ask? I could point to just about any call we receive on the air and say, “That’s why!”

This is not intended to downplay the vital importance of good Bible preaching on the airwaves. But if, like most others, Basic Gospel were just another pre-recorded radio program, out of touch with the immediacy of our listener’s needs, people whose hearts are literally breaking over any number of real life issues would have no place to go for immediate answers for right now issues.

With this foremost in mind, I want to suggest the following selection of calls which, collectively, serve as a prime reason that we—Basic Gospel—must be on the air live every day with answers from God’s Word that truly make a lasting difference in the lives of hurting, discouraged, disconnected, disenchanted, and disappointed people … people deeply loved by God.

Losing Faith

Kathy, Queens County, New York

Andrew Farley and Bob Christopher respond…

Walking by Faith

Alicia, New York City

Alicia called a year or so ago to detail her frustration and hurt over job-related issues. Recently she called again to tell of the radical change in her life after being pointed to the faithfulness of our Lord through Basic Gospel.

Emphasis on things satanic

Marie, Jersey City, New Jersey

On the surface, it wouldn’t seem to be much of an issue to those not directly impacted. But the truth is that over emphasis on satanic/demonic activity can be the cause of confusion, even fear. Such was the case for Marie, who expressed her concern during a recent call to Basic Gospel.

Immediate answers

… for right now issues

These calls and hundreds like them underscore the reason that it is imperative for Basic Gospel to be on the air and online every day. Why? Because ours is a live broadcast/streamcast, meeting our listeners at their point of need, offering immediate answers for right now issues.

I can say it no better than the calls offered above.

Thanks to each of you who have given to support this ministry, both financially and prayerfully. We deeply appreciate your partnership with us in the Gospel of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bob Davis