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April 9, 2016


Wow! Time flies when you’re… Well, you know. And 2016 is no exception, because we are having fun! We are excited at the new venues the Lord has opened up to get the word out.

We’ve got the live stream online; the Podcast; the Basic Gospel App; Just A Minute! with Bob Christopher, our daily short feature; our blogs and eZine; and the new Basic Gospel Weekend Edition. And more exciting news to come!

Then, of course, there’s our mainstay—the daily program which is heard on stations from San Francisco to New York. Every day.

God’s Mercy

And the 2 x 4

In Harrisburg, Oregon, Mike had been worried about God’s big 2 x 4. Let’s see if his concern was justified:


God’s way

In a stand-up comedy routine many (many!) years ago, Dave Gardner uttered the line, “Love your enemies … and drive ’em wild!

That’s probably not the reasoning Jesus had in mind when He talked about loving others.

Let’s get a full and meaningful discussion of the topic in this phone call from Michael in Queens (NYC). Bob Christopher explains:

The Heartache of an Adult Child

For a parent gone astray

That’s the difficult situation José finds himself facing with his mother.


And forgiveness for ongoing indulgence

That’s the issue posed by an anonymous listener.

That’s it for this week. I hope these calls have meaning for you. Many times all we need is just a little clarity, then things just fall into place. That’s my hope for you as you visit this page each week.

God bless, and have a great new week coming up!

Bob Davis