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August 15, 2015

In this edition…

Making up for lost… content

In last week’s edition I had intended to have a tour of the “air” studio where Bob Christopher, Richard Peifer and I originate the daily program. Due to a technicality, that didn’t happen.

I also had introduced the excellent gospel presentation by Bob Christopher. With that, too, there was a problem. That will be corrected this week. It appears at the end of this edition.

My apologies on both counts.

Overcoming frustration and depression…

…and finding life in Christ

On Monday, we got a call from Richard in New Jersey who was dealing with discouragement and despair over his failure live up to his own expectations of righteousness. The obvious result was depression, wondering why his Christian life just wasn’t working. I think many of our listeners and friends might relate to his call. Bob Christopher gets to the heart of the matter.

Moms and 2nd Graders

Why God Made Moms

A group of 2nd graders was asked a short series of questions about Moms in general. They had some interesting replies.

(Disclaimer: I have tried to find the origin of this collection. I found several organizations that have used it, but no reference to the writer. Thus, we will give credit to an Anonymous Writer… with thanks.)

Why God Made Moms.pdf

The On-Air Studio

A brief tour… and your thoughts

Okay, now here is that brief tour of the air studio we missed last week. Bob, Richard and I are privileged beyond measure to teach the love of Jesus from this very room.

Now, this, as I said above, is a “brief” tour. After viewing this, I would like some feedback: would you like a more detailed, nuts ‘n bolts, explanation of how things work — the individual components of the underlying technology?

If so, drop me an eMail, using the form on this page, and let me know.

From the eMailbag…

From a listener

“This message of the New Covenant, and the freedom of the good news and love of Jesus Christ, his forgiveness, that can only be found in his resurrected life, is what this ministry of Basic Gospel is about every day. The message doesn’t change. If somebody says that they love you unconditionally, would you want to know Him? Well you can. Do yourself a blessing and tune in, or like I do, podcast. I guarantee you won’t be sorry.”


From radio affiliate KFIA, Sacramento

Hello, Bob,

Thank you for all you do to bring Basic Gospel to the Sacramento region! KFIA is only as good as the ministries on the air, and because of your efforts, our region is being encouraged and strengthened in their faith to great measure. We’re thankful for your ministry, and may the Lord bless you for your role in having His word shared to many through questions and answers.

I pray that your summer has provided some good memories, and may you be blessed with the abundance of the love of Jesus as you press on for Him.

In Christ we stand,

Ann Delagnes / Director of Ministry / AM710 KFIA / 103.9FM The FISH

What is the Gospel?

Bob Christopher

If you have family members or friends who are struggling to understand how we are saved… and what is “eternal life”, you need send them no further than Bob’s crystal clear explanation the gospel of Jesus Christ:

See you next week!