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August 22, 2015


A great question from a radio affiliate

Since its beginning many years ago, this ministry has been loosely referred to as “the Bobs” or “the grace guys”. When we started broadcasting the live program back in 1985, grace was not a word you typically heard much about. And when you did, the definition went something like, “Well, it’s God’s unmerited favor.”

Modern Christian thinking had not openly given much attention to the term. Then came our program … and slowly across the country that began to change. Well known Christian pastors and teachers began to talk about grace and write books about it. But when you picked up those books, it was clear that some very prominent writers still had little understanding.

To us, grace was of such importance that we were compelled to explore it, discuss it, and proclaim it on the air. But proclaiming God’s grace and understanding it are two very different things. Still, by now, I believe we have a significant measure of understanding, but as I have said before, in this life we will never fully plumb its depths.

In a recent interview with Bob Christopher concerning his book,Simple Gospel – Simply Grace, Alvis Hill of KBBW Radio in Waco, Texas—one of our original affiliates going all the way back to June 3, 1985—asked Bob to clarify, to give his definition of grace. Here is that clip:



On our web site we have added an “Answers” page. Currently, it includes answers to questions on such topics as Forgiveness, Salvation, Assurance of Salvation, Death, and Anxiety/Depression.

Over time it will grow to include more subjects of importance to you. Check it out now at:


Sprinkled with a little humor…

PC has gotten so ridiculous that this graphic is actually finding application:



Nerve center of our technology


This weekend, the tour of the Basic Gospel broadcast and streaming technology continues with the Control Room. This is Greg Parke’s domain. From the control room, Greg feeds the program coming from the studio to the Salem Radio Network (SRN) uplink facility at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.

From there, the program audio is transmitted to a satellite, orbiting some 22,000 miles above. A transmitter aboard the satellite then shoots the audio back to the surface in a “footprint” that covers the entire continental United States and most of southern Canada.

On the ground, radio station receivers are “listening” for that signal on a specific frequency, in the same way that your radio receives a signal from the station you are listening to. The difference here is that the satellite signal is on a different frequency than your radio.

The radio station satellite receivers pull in the signal from above and feeds it into their system, rebroadcasting via their transmitter and tower facilities, arriving in your radio at the same time. All that takes place in about 1/5 of a second.


Simultaneous with the audio going out to the satellite is the internet feed. I know little about that, so I will ask Greg to explain. In fact, I have asked him to explain it all on this video…

Inside the Control Room


What the gospel truly is

This week we had a call from Daegee, who listens in Landover, Maryland, expressing thanks for the understanding of the gospel he received through listening to Basic Gospel.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this week’s edition of Inside the Studio!

Bob Davis