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August 29, 2015

Notably absent… hopefully

I hope you noticed the on-air absence of Richard (1 day) and me (3 days) from the broadcast. We both were beset with some kind of heinous… something that leapt upon us with nothing good in mind and kept us out of the office and off the program. In the meantime, Bob Christopher never missed a beat.

He Did it Again

Another life claimed by Jesus

On Wednesday’s program we got a call from Eddie in Queens, New York. After a bit of discussion with Bob Christopher and Andrew Farley, Bob asked Eddie, “Can you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord… and do you believe God raised Him from the dead?”

Hear the conversation by clicking below:

Once Saved…

It’s a topic we are asked about constantly

Such was the topic posed by Brian on Wednesday, and we were delighted to give him good news!

The Music Behind Basic Gospel

And Basic Gospel Weekend Edition

Through the years we have had inquiries about the music we use for our program themes and for enhancement of the sound on various of our CDs and DVDs. I’m sure there are many who are curious about such things.

The first thing to know is that even though Richard Peifer is a fine musician, it takes a lot more that one person to produce the quality of music needed to meet and exceed the requirements of modern broadcasting or audio/visual production. And some pretty fancy studio recording equipment, too.

Long before this ministry began, I was using production music from a UK-based company, headquartered in London. De Wolfe Music has been a world leader in writing, arranging, and recording original music for audio, video, and motion picture productions.

Music is a powerful component in any production. It sets the stage; it creates atmosphere and mood. Paired with the right script and visual imagery, it can build suspense, make us laugh, or bring us to tears.

Yes, music is very powerful. And when we decided to rebrand this ministry two years ago, we decided on an up-tempo, driving, energetic sound to introduce the program.

Though there are literally tens of thousands of original pieces from dozens of writer/arrangers to choose from, our choice was a piece written and arranged by De Wolfe’s David Molyneux entitled Opinions. And for Basic Gospel Weekend Edition, yet another original piece by David Molyneux called Reporting the News.

During the respective broadcasts you hear only a small sampling of our theme music. If you would care to hear the whole versions, just click the links below:

  • Opinions
  • Reporting the News

And for those of you who are really interested, you are welcome to visit the De Wolfe Music web site. While there, click “Recording Studios”, then click through the pictures to see De Wolfe’s world class facilities. It’s really pretty amazing.

I hope you are enjoying Inside the Studio. If you would care to drop me an email, I will be delighted to hear from you. The address is simply: bob(at) You can also use the form on this page.

Thanks! See you soon!

Bob Davis