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December 12, 2015

Christmas Approaches

Memories of Christmas

I don’t know about you, but as Christmas nears each year, my thoughts go back to a tiny town in Mississippi where I was raised by two very loving, protective, and nurturing grandparents, Newton and Georgia Davis. It was Christmastime when the knowledge of and love for Jesus that I gained at home and in Sunday school throughout the rest of each year was deepened.

I remember those oh-so-cold mid-December mornings after we put up the tree when I would go into that big and equally cold living room in such excitement to turn on the Christmas Tree lights, waiting while the electric icicles warmed up enough to start bubbling. What a thrill that was! And there was always some very special things under the tree with my name on them.

But behind the lights and the gifts was the deep warmth to me of the Christmas story — of Joseph and Mary, of the birth of the baby Jesus, of the bright star of Bethlehem and the wise men who followed it, looking for, and finding, the new-born King. At the age of 33, I found Him, too.

Now it’s your turn

In November, I invited you to write your memories of Thanksgiving and what was special about it to you. Now, I invite you to write your memories of Christmas and share them with us. Please keep them reasonably short and I will select several and post them here in next weekend’s edition.

Please use the form on this page or email them to…

TO: bob(at)

SUBJECT: ItS Christmas

I look forward to hearing your Christmas memories.

The Lamb’s Book of Life

Can your name be blotted out?

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Observing the Sabbath

To be saved

A troubling question from John in Louisville, Kentucky, concerning the contention by a young Christian that one must observe the sabbath in order to be saved. Bob Christopher sheds some light.

Pain and Suffering

Is God the author?

That’s the question from David in Brooklyn, New York.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for dropping by to check out this week’s edition of Inside the Studio. And Merry Christmas, everybody!

Bob Davis