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December 17, 2016

Greetings! And Merry Christmas, everybody! 

I hope the joy of the season is filling your home and heart as we anticipate and prepare for that special day on which we celebrate the birth of Jesus — Emmanuel, God with us.

As history reveals, most things change with time. And that is true of the Basic Gospel radio program. We are excited about plans to do some new things that we think will meet with your approval. I won’t go into detail now, because we are still working out the details. But look for some changes … probably by mid-January. February at the latest.

In the meantime, let’s access the archive…

Rejecting the faith of earlier life

Paul (via email) describes the turning away of his son, who now proclaims himself an atheist and wants to raise his children as such.

Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer address this painful issue.

Gentiles and the Law of Moses

The question from Ed (Michigan) concerning whether or not the gentiles were ever under the Law of Moses.

Again, both Bob and Richard address the question.

Drinking and gluttony

William (California) wonders … if those things are sins, would that invalidate Christianity?

Andrew Farley takes this question.

See you next weekend for our just-before-Christmas edition of Inside the Studio. Wishing you all a blessed week in between!

Bob Davis