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December 31, 2016

Happy New Year, everybody!

I hope you’ve had a blessed Christmas holiday! Those celebrations are behind us and now we look forward to the new and exciting “Year of Our Lord” 2017.

New in that the calendar is changing, exciting in what God is opening to Basic Gospel in the form of new media venues through which we can share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Review

I want to give somewhat of a review of what has happened in 2016, and what we are anticipating, with God’s guidance, in 2017.

First, by making a couple of strategic moves, we have been able to rather dramatically increase our potential listening audience. Mid-year, we were blessed to have the daily Basic Gospel program added to the impressive lineup of the nearly 400 stations of the Christian Satellite Network (CSN).

Shortly thereafter, we placed the daily program on SiriusXM Family Talk, Channel 131.

In addition, we have begun to stream live video of the Basic Gospel Friday study series to Facebook.

These venues have increased availability and exposure to the good news of Jesus Christ in a significant way … to new listeners in the U.S. and beyond. Those are the primary things that happened in 2016.

What’s Ahead

As we look forward into 2017, we see God opening new opportunities to share His love in new venues and in new ways.

We have our sights set on two more large Christian radio networks. With either or both of these, we will see the potential audience explode. And how exciting is that!

Another exciting way is by creating an on-going stream of short video features that will carry the truth of the gospel on social media outlets. Short videos are very effective in communicating His love, grace, and life to people on Facebook, YouTube, and other forums where the potential numbers are vast! But…

Help Wanted

We’re going to need help to make these things a reality. Just as with our existing radio affiliates, there are costs involved. Except for the time, knowledge of Scripture and expertise required to create new content, producing videos is relatively inexpensive. We have these things. We just create the content and record it. But there is the issue of how to get our content, our video, to where viewers can see it.

We will need video production equipment to make that happen, and we can’t do it with existing funds. If you are excited about having a part in sharing the gospel and seeing and hearing about how people’s lives have been change (listen to the calls included today!), then we’re gonna need your help. We’ ll need you to join with us and others to cover the purchase of these tools.

Where there is a need God always provides … and He does so through His people. So I’m just taking this moment to let the need be known. If it’s in your heart to help us reach out in an even greater way in 2017, then we will thank our Lord for you … and for your help.

The Year-End Tax Deadline

If you are reading this message before midnight on December 31st, the release date of this edition of Inside the Studio, you can still make your gift before the tax deadline by going online to and clicking DONATE. Otherwise, you can start off 2017 with a generous gift.

Either way, we will thank our Lord for your help and partnership. And when you make your donation, you will receive a copy of Bob Christopher’s CD, The Basic Gospel Journey.

The following are four calls that underscore the vital importance of the Basic Gospel radio program in the lives of these people. These are very short. Please listen:

The Life-Changing Message of Basic Gospel

The following are four calls that underscore the vital importance of the Basic Gospel radio program in the lives of these people. These are very short. Please listen:

Calvin, Lodi, CA

Craig, Jamaica, NY

Samuel, Simsbury, CT

George, Lodi, CA

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Well, that’s a wrap for 2016. Thanks for stopping by each week to see what’s happened Inside the Studio.

We’ll be back next weekend to kick off 2017 and I hope you will stop by again.

Blessings and happy New Year, everybody!

Bob Davis