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December 5, 2015

A Thankful Thanksgiving

We heard from you!

An eMail glitch caused a delay in receiving some of the responses to our Thanksgiving edition. We present them here, with our thanks:

From Wayne Trigo


From Tyra Cole

I am so grateful to have found you guys. I have been in search of a church home for a very long time. Is there any where in the New Orleans area that teaches its followers THIS Good News?

(Note: We responded that we are unaware of a church such as Tyra is seeking. If anyone knows of a grace-teaching fellowship in the New Orleans area, please let us know. Thanks!)

From José Caraballo

Thank(s) for this(.) awesome to hear all this and wrapping up the week, thank you and the basic gospel staff. God Bless you all

From (former staffer) Bob Valleau

Great job with the e-zine! Keep up the good work, Bob.

From Harry Christi

This is so good to share with the lost world, thank you soooooo much.

From Jim Johnson

I like it.

(Note: LOL! Jim is a man of few words. But when he speaks, people listen. Jim and his sweet wife Bonnie are dear friends who have been associated with us for many years.)


Thanks to all of you who took time to shoot a note to us, telling us how the ministry and this weekly eZine are meaningful to you.

Protecting Ourselves

While helping others through troubling times

This question from Anthony in New Jersey identifies a potential issue for those who reach out to offer help to others.

Having the Victory Through Jesus Christ

Bob Christopher

As we opened the program on a recent day, Bob Christopher offered some very clear thoughts on the victory we as believers have in Christ Jesus.

The Day of Salvation

The time and date

A question many of us have struggled with from Antoine in Los Angeles:

Our Resurrected Bodies

Why the nail-scarred hands of Jesus?

A very interesting call from Connie who listens in the Washington area on WAVA:

Thanks for stopping by for this first edition in December. I hope you have found it interesting. We’ll be back again next week and hope you’ll stop by again!

Bob Davis