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February 10, 2018

Welcome to Inside the Studio!


Exciting news! New Stations on the Basic Gospel network!



We are now broadcasting the live daily program on The Salt of Detroit – AM 1200, WMUZ. It’s been several years since we have been on the air in Detroit, and we are happy to be back on this 50,000 watt power-house station!


For those of you listening in SacramentoSan Francisco, and San Jose make a note that on March 1 we will return to KCBC – AM 770, another  50,000 watt station covering all the Bay Area!

If you have family or friends in any of these major market areas, please let them know that Basic Gospel is on the air!

Now to this weekend’s Q&A:

What does it mean to be a child of God?

Chris, Fairfax, Virginia

What is biblical sanctification?

Jay, via voicemail

Israel in end times

Lydia, via eMail

The option of posing a question of your own is always before you:

  • Call 844-322-2742 any time to record your question
  • Send it by eMail to
  • Post your question on the Basic Gospel Facebook page
  • Send your question to us via the Basic Gospel app
  • Use “snail mail” (address in the footer)

Wishing you and your a blessed weekend in the Lord Jesus.

Bob Davis