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February 20, 2016

Greetings, everybody!

I hope you’ve had a great week. Thanks to Coleman Christopher for holding forth in my absence while I was away for a very enjoyable week. Great job, Como! Thanks!

Now, since this column is called Inside the Studio, let’s go there now…

Gender Confusion

And family relationships

One of the most difficult things parents and grandparents face arises when a child or grandchild buys into the deception of Satan, giving in to gender confusion or the desire to be surgically changed into the opposite sex from which she or he was born.

Such was the heartache of Alice from Waco, Texas.

Our Position In Christ

Are we already seated with Him in heaven?

It’s a difficult thing to understand. Aric from Childress, Texas, called for clarification.


Follow-up to an earlier call

The availability of pornography online has apparently become so pervasive that even the historic flagship of soft porn, Playboy Magazine, has reportedly been rendered unable to compete and has ceased publishing pictures of nude females. Still, some men might continue to buy it “for the articles”.

In a follow-up to an earlier call, LaVonna from Idaho, offers some insight.

Boldness of Christians

Drive the Stake

One of the brightest smiles and sweetest spirits it has been our pleasure to meet in recent months belong to Teresa from Long Island, New York. Teresa called recently to offer encouragement for fellow believers to share their faith, and to say how Bob Christopher’s CD, Drive the Stake*, has encouraged her.

*Available from the Single CDs section at

In Closing

Why a live broadcast?

I hope these calls and our answers are a source of help and encouragement to you. These calls, and countless others, are the reasons it is absolutely vital for Basic Gospel to be on the air live each day. If ours was just another pre-recorded program there would be no opportunity for listeners to call and get immediate help for their circumstances or answers for their questions.

We love what we do and are enormously blessed when we see the evidence of a changed life because of something heard on Basic Gospel.

For your gift of any amount…

With that in mind, I urge you to take advantage of this month’s offer, available for a gift of any amount — Bob Christopher’s 3-CD series, Profiles In Character: lessons from unlikely heroes.

Visit our secure donation page to make your gift. You will be helping people like Alice and countless others as they walk through the dark days of uncertainty in life situations. And may God richly bless you in Christ Jesus for your help and prayers.

Bob Davis