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February 25, 2017

Greetings, everyone! And welcome to this edition of Inside the Studio.

A quick note as we get underway this weekend…

This will be one of those editions that present some of the most difficult circumstances our listeners face. And we are honored and humbled that they trust Basic Gospel for answers. It is not a position we take lightly. We are, however, confident that through many years of teaching, counseling, and facing difficult life issues of our own, we have been equipped to share truth, always from a basis of knowledge of New Covenant Scripture.

Here we go…

Phil — Divorce, Remarriage … and Hell

That’s the troubling issue confronting Phil heard on an error-prone radio program. (More on the subject in the next question…)

Johnny — If I repent will God forgive me?

A follow-up question from Johnny, who actually finds himself in that uncomfortable state of limbo. Hopefully, Johnny listened and has been able to get free of the heresy he has been taught.

James — 1 John 1:9

James’ church teaches confession for forgiveness. Doesn’t this throw out the work Jesus did on the cross?

Tony — Is President Trump a believer?

That’s the question from Tony in La Cruces, NM.

I think this weekend’s edition of Inside the Studio is one of the most interesting and fascinating we’re had. I hope you have enjoyed and benefitted from it, and will take the initiative to share it with your family, friends, and acquaintances.

God bless, and have a great weekend!

Bob Davis