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February 27, 2016


Off to Nashville

This week we’re going outside the studio just a little to give you a kind of special report.

This past Monday night, Bob Christopher and I were off to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, the 10th and final year of the convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.


The purpose of our attendance is to meet with the managers and staff from some of the radio stations that carry our program, like our long-time great friends Andy Santamaria and Mike Trout from KDIA, San Francisco


… to see old friends, like BC’s long-time friend Bob Crittenden host of The Meeting House


… to discuss publishing ideas with our long-time friend Bob Hawkins, president of Harvest House Publishers

… and to make new friends.

On all accounts, mission accomplished! But the question from many, as always, was, “Is everybody associated with your ministry named “Bob“?!

This year I had set advance appointments with the managers of two of the largest radio groups in America and we were very pleased at the reception and the hands of friendship we were offered.

We ended our meetings this year with a clear vision of some very exciting things that are shaping for the coming months. But we will leave it at that pending later news.

Just A Minute!

A sneak preview of a cool new short feature

For several years we have been encouraged (by others outside the ministry) to produce a “short feature”, a quick-hitting message offering insight and encouragement for daily living. Though this type of feature had appeal for us, we resisted.

The biggest hurdle would be marketing. It would not be an easy thing to contact hundreds of radio stations across the country and make a case for airing a feature produced by a ministry that, for most, is unknown.

Enter Janet Mefferd A few weeks ago, Janet and her husband Charley introduced the opportunity for us to air a one minute feature during the Janet Mefferd Today radio program.

This new association provided the motivation to move forward with this medium and, at the same time, solves the marketing problem. Janet’s program, during which Just A Minute! will be aired, is carried on 157 stations! One hundred fifty-seven new opportunities to get the word out!

For a sneak preview of Just A Minute! visit

To the Studio!

Now, to some of the best questions of the week from Basic Gospel…


To be or not to be

To whom does this admonition apply? This very good question comes from Jay in Illinois…


And concern for a friend

That’s the issue for Stephanie, who called from Valley View, Texas.


And sinful ways

Calvin from Tulsa, Oklahoma, came to Jesus some years ago, but continues to struggle against his old “sinful ways”. Is his salvation in doubt? Let’s find out…

Thanks for checking out Inside the Studio.

This week we took you outside a bit, but I thought you’d like to know what’s happening that has great potential to affect what goes on inside the studio.

It’s my pleasure to keep you informed. See you next week!