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February 6, 2016

Welcome … and a happy first weekend of February to you all! I hope your preceding week has been a good one. It’s been an exciting one around Basic Gospel.

Just a Minute!

just-a-minuteGood news! We are partnering with Amb-OS and the Janet Mefferd Today radio program to introduce Basic Gospel to 154 new radio markets!
The vehicle for this will be a short feature we are calling, “Just A Minute!” Because … that’s what it is … a one-minute message that will point listeners to the truth of God’s Word.

Click here to listen to the first installment:


We’ll have more information on a later date, but we are scheduled to begin late this month, and we are excited about this new venue the Lord has opened up to get the word out!

What else happened? Well, let’s see…

A call from Angela

Jesus, Lord of your life

This is a question for all of us who are a bit self-willed. The puzzle to Angela is in making Jesus our Savior, but not Lord of our lives. Can He be one without being the other? Let’s listen:

Theology Confusion

Which group is right?

This question from Lee, Katy, Texas, gets to the heart of modern-day theology … in which there seems to be a lot of confusion. Let’s listen:


Son of man … or Son of God?

Is there a difference, a distinction between those two seemingly divergent inferences? That’s the question from Gary, White Plains, New York.

Bob Christopher sheds the confusion:

The Believer

And “backsliding”

This is an issue that has come up more than once in the past couple of weeks. And there seems to be a pattern. Bob Christopher and Andrew Farley tackle this runner that I call backsliding and the believer.

Sharing Truth Daily

Interesting calls, truth-bearing answers from Basic Gospel. It’s what we do. If you are struggling with some issue, give us a call at 844-322-2742, or ask your question via eMail at Or use the form on this page.

We are on the air, live, Monday through Thursday of each week (Friday’s are teaching editions) at 3:00 P.M. Central Time, and we will be glad to hear from you and address your question or concern. It’s what we do.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Bob Davis