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January 14, 2017

Welcome back to Inside the Studio. This weekend we have another interesting line-up of questions from our listeners, so let’s get to them right away.

Turning from The Way

One of the greatest heartaches a believing parent faces is the circumstance of a child, even a grown child, who turns from the way he or she was brought up in. Such is the issue for Paul.

Final Days

Seems we all are interested in what has been termed “end times” theology. And that was the subject brought to us by Eric.


Karen brings up the fact that with some people grace—either from God or other people—will not be accepted.

Sin and the Great Throne

Dennis says he heard a pastor claim that sins will be “taken care of” at the Great Throne. He would like to hear what we have to say about it.

I hope these weekly questions and the answers given are helpful and informative to you. Please check back next week for more from … Inside the Studio.

Bob Davis

p.s. Be sure to send any questions you’d like answered on the program.