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January 16, 2016

Greetings, everybody!

Welcome as we plow into the third week of the new year! I hope you’ve had a great week.

The highlight of this week at Basic Gospel has been our annual staff planning meetings, which ran from Tuesday morning through noon Thursday. Right! That’s a lot of planning!

But it’s nice to have the mental security of a plan as you look into the coming months, even the coming years. And, at Basic Gospel, we make our plans in accordance with what we believe God is leading us to do, but with the understanding that God can—and probably will—change them at any time.

The one plan that we don’t think will change is … the plan to “get the word out!”

It was good to have the whole staff together and get ideas and thoughts from the various members. We don’t always agree on every plan, and when there is legitimate concern over any suggestion, we table the thought in order to give it time to marinate, to think it though.

It was a good planning session. On Tuesday we enjoyed a staff lunch.


Interesting Calls

Predestination and election

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had some very interesting calls. One question that we get rather frequently is about predestination and election—God choosing one person for salvation, but condemning another.

What is the truth on this subject that many have struggled with. The question is from Richard in Pennsylvania. Bob Christopher and Andrew Farley offer the answer:

Equal Yoking

Is it for marriage only?

That’s the question from Jay in Illinois:


Confusion persists

A subject that raises its strange head from time to time is the issue of speaking in tongues … its purpose … its application … and its place in the church … or not. It’s a subject that has Tony from New York pretty confused as a new believer in Christ Jesus.

Old Habits

All over again

The saying goes, “Old habits die hard.” And sometimes, after we receive the life of Jesus Christ and the old habits disappear, they resurface. That’s what happened with Nicole from Connecticut:

I hope this edition of Inside the Studio has been beneficial to you and that you will drop by again next week for our next edition. Have a great week, everybody!

Bob Davis