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January 30, 2016

Greetings, everybody!

Here we are with the first month of the now not-so-new year already gone. Time flies… and all that.

In recent weeks we’ve had some emotionally charged calls. And as I have stated on the air many times, that is why it’s vital that Basic Gospel be not just on the air, but on the air live!

If our program were recorded in advance there would be no opportunity to meet people—people loved by God—at precisely their point of need. But we are live, and we are able to do so because many of you have experienced a life-changing moment while listening to Basic Gospel and have donated to keep this program on the air, ministering truth to God’s kids … and to those who will become His kids.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Now, to this week’s calls and eMail…

Predestination and Election

Does God choose some…but not others?

This question has plagued believers for centuries, as it now has troubled Richard, from Lake Arial, Pennsylvania.

Believers in Christ

Saints … or not?

This, too, has puzzled many through the years. The question from Teresa, Long Island, New York, as to the designation of the term Saint.

Once saved, always saved

But turning away from God

Doug, Ft. Collins, CO, wrote to ask about turning away from God after being saved. Interesting question.

Divorce and remarriage

What is the truth about this troublesome subject?

After being divorced for 12 years, his ex-wife long since remarried, is Billy off base to have a desire of the heart for a wife?

Bob Christopher answers:

Just a few of the very interesting questions we receive at Basic Gospel. Wishing you a blessed week!

Bob Davis