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July 1, 2017

Greetings, everybody! Once again it’s time to get ready for the largest national celebration of all this Tuesday, the 4th of July.

We used to celebrate our country’s birthday with three vital elements — baseball, mom, and apple pie. As a pre-teen, I added fireworks to the mix. These days I’m not sure what people celebrate. Personally, I’d like to get back to those excellent three.

American Independence Day

As Americans, we enjoy opportunities and blessings like no other nation in history. We should never forget that the primal component of The Declaration of Independence and the formation of this country rested upon the firm foundation of “the laws of nature, and of nature’s God.”

Happy Independence Day, everybody! And God bless!

Now to our Q & A for this edition:

Loving the unloving


South Carolina

Confessing sins


Keller, Texas

Results of a legalistic early church life


Austin, Texas

Malacai and the 10% Tithe


Oceanside, New York

Wishing you all a happy, blessed, and safe Independence Day celebration! See you next week!

Bob Davis