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July 2, 2016

Greetings, everybody!

And to all citizens of the United States of America, happy Independence Day (weekend)!

American Independence Day

Falling on Monday this year, it makes for yet another great 4th of July, four-day weekend. Are you celebrating yet?

In light of the stedfast friendship that ultimately grew between the U.S. and Great Britain following our own bloody struggle for independence, it seems fitting to be celebrating the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence in proximity to their own declaration of independence, by recent vote, from the European Union.

Unlike the American Revolution — the senseless and tragic death of Jo Cox not withstanding — the British uncoupling from the E.U. was relatively peaceful, and for that we all can be thankful.

With the winds currently blowing across our country, and especially inside the Beltway, this annual celebration becomes increasingly important. Don’t fail to tell your children what it’s all about, because many of them are not getting it in the public schools.

Yes, I know. This is a bit outside the studio. But since it is 4th of July weekend, I thought it was worth commenting on.

Now, let’s get to this week’s featured questions…

Keeping the Customs

Replacing Israel

A question from Victor — New York

Living Together

Outside of Marriage

Just a little clarification needed in this call from Linda — Lyton, UT

Tithing in the New Covenant

Do Christians need to pay 10%?

The question is from Joe — Louisville, KY

Outward Behavior

As children of God

A good topic presented by William — Livermore, CA

Here’s a wish for a thankful, happy, and safe Independence Day holiday in the good ole USA!

Bob Davis