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July 3, 2015

There are some key things that excite and motivate me as a member of the Basic Gospel team. One thing is to see the lights come on for someone.

Many times, a true believer will walk through life unsure of the completed work of Jesus on the cross, offering up confession after confession in order to make sure all his/her sins are forgiven.

There is a broad misconception, too, that what Jesus did in regard to sin counted only up to the point of salvation, but thereafter, it’s up to me!

Neither are right thinking with regard to salvation. Forgiveness is contained in His life (Ephesians 1:7/Colossians 1:14)! It is impossible to have one without the other. When you receive His life, you also receive His forgiveness.

When a believer suddenly realizes that what Jesus has done for believers is complete and eternal, that there is nothing we must or can do to maintain our salvation, and that Jesus has done it all… the lights come on! To witness that moment when that understanding clicks is many times amazing.

A life changed forever…

By the life of Christ

However, the thing that excites me most is to be there, to be a part of the moment, when someone first understands and receives the truth of God’s love, and opens his/her heart to Jesus.

Such was the case this past Thursday when David called during the broadcast, and a life was changed forever. Listen to hear the amazing transformation!

Note: The call was edited for time with no loss of content.

Supreme Court Decision

On Same-Sex Marriage

With Friday’s Supreme Court decision on one of the most controversial issues of our time, Bob Christopher had some keen observations on its relevance for believers in Christ Jesus. Click below to listen.

The 10 Commandments

Hazel asks, are they relevant for believers today?

Other than the issue of forgiveness, a question that we get frequently centers around the commandments Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai. Are the 10 Commandments still active and relevant in our lives today?

That was a subject Bob Christopher addressed recently. You can hear Bob’s answer by clicking below.

Via facebook

A note from Sara

I listen to you guys daily and am always richly blessed!

I thank God for using your ministry to set me free from many legalistic lies that had such a hold on me and were so burdensome for many years.

God’s wonderful grace is teaching me how much He loves me in Christ Jesus and has truly set me free in Him.

Thank you for being available to allow the Holy Spirit to minister through all you guys at Basic Gospel.

Many people’s lives are eternally changed because they hear the Truth of The Gospel when they tune in to listen to you.

Thank you,

Your Sister in Christ,


Thanks for checking out this first edition of Inside the Studio. I hope you have enjoyed it. I will have more exciting things to share in our next edition. And in the near future we’ll take a brief video tour of…

  • The radio studio, where Bob Christopher, Richard Peifer, and I originate the daily broadcast
  • Greg Parke’s very impressive Control Room, where he routes our program to the satellite and to the internet
  • My audio production studio, where I do various productions, including voiceovers to promote our program on our radio affiliates.

That will be fun! See you soon!

Bob Davis