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June 24, 2017

Just a Minute!

That’s the name of Bob Christopher’s one minute feature that’s played weekdays on stations across the country. And if you’ve heard it you know it’s definitely uplifting and worth a listen. If you haven’t heard it or haven’t listened lately be sure to check out all the minutes found right here, on Facebook, and YouTube.

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy each and everyone anyway you choose to listen.

And here’s yesterday’s Just a Minute! to get you started…

Crisis of Faith

That was the subject of an email from James

Many believers have struggled with a crisis of faith at one time or another. Let’s listen as Bob and Richard address James’ crisis…


A Facebook viewer wants to know the origins of the word.

Andrew and Bob answer…

Galatians 2:20

I no longer live…

Christ lives in me. Wayne encourages the listeners with this inspiring verse.

Hard Passages

1 John 1:9

Bob Christopher tackles this verse and puts it into context. Listen to this excerpt from our latest Friday Teaching Series, Hard Passages.

To listen to all the Hard Passages editions click here.

It’s been fun filling in for Mr. Davis. He promises to be back next week with a July 1 edition which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

So until then keep those questions coming and Bob, Bob, Richard, and Andrew will be sure to answer.


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