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June 25, 2016


Right here in River City

Actually, the Trinity River doesn’t give us river city status (at least to brag about), but we’ve had trouble just the same.

From the middle of last week through the first days of this week, we were without internet service at Basic Gospel. Until we are without service for an extended period of time, we don’t realize just how dependent we have become on 1s and 0s moving at high speed through cables and through the air.

Our staff had to take practically heroic measures just to get our radio program on the air … pre-recorded, of course, because we couldn’t do it live. Oh, did I mention that our phone system is VoIP. Right. No internet, no phone service.

Thanks to the Personal Hot Spots on our mobile phones, we were able to at least check eMail, but that’s about it.

I don’t have any great spiritual parallel or moral to add to the story. It just is what it is … and was what it was — an interesting boring several days — inside the studio, and outside, too.

So, to those of you who attempted to call us and got no answer, we apologize on behalf of our internet service provider.

But we do have calls and emailed questions to share, so let’s get started.


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A question from Myles — Calgary, Alberta


Perspective from the Word of God

This question is from Andrew — Fayetteville, NC

Military Service

Does that exclude one from salvation?

An important call from Curtis — Temple, TX


And the consequences of sin

An insightful discussion with Jan — Queens, NY

Thanks for stopping by for this weekend’s edition of Inside the Studio. I hope it has been beneficial to you.

Bob Davis