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June 3, 2017

Not just another sleepy, dusty, Delta day

Ode to Billy Joe by Bobby Gentry not withstanding, June 3 is a special day for this ministry. It’s a double anniversary!

Anniversary 32

It is the 32nd anniversary of this ministry, as we started the nation-wide broadcast on June 3, 1985, as People to People.

For the next 24 years we fielded countless thousands of phone calls from people in many and diverse walks of life who had the same questions and concerns we hear on the program today.

Anniversary 4

The second part of our double anniversary is number four. It was June 3, 2013, when People to People gave way to a rebranding of the ministry as Basic Gospel.

For me, personally, it was the most difficult transition of my entire lifetime. Imagine, if you will, for 28 years saying the name People to People and giving the same phone number multiple times per program. Then, from one day to the next, having to transition to a new program name and a new call-in number.

But the new name and phone number slowly began to take hold and the same message we proclaimed from the beginning — 32 years ago — continues to bear fruit today. And what a privilege and honor we have been given … to proclaim the fulness of His great love in JESUS CHRIST.

Persevering through marriage difficulties

Shaughn – Dallas

When does eternal life begin?

Andrew – eMail

Giving a daughter’s hand in marriage

David – Austin

I hope you found our history interesting. And we send our most genuine thanks to each of you who support this message of God’s love through Basic Gospel. It is a critical time as we approach the end of our fiscal year on the 30th of this month. We have a long way to go to end the year without seeing red ink again. If you can help with an extra gift at this time God will bless your gift in reaching new hearts and lives with the truth of His Word.

Click donate at or phone 844-322-2742 to make your gift.

Thank you and God bless you for all you do in His Name.

Bob Davis