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June 4, 2016

Greetings, everybody! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ve had a great week following the holiday.

With Memorial Day behind us, we point now toward the heat of the coming summer, and lately the phone lines have been heating up with some very interesting calls and insightful responses from Bob Christopher, and Andrew Farley.

This week, we address questions about The Ten Commandments; boycotting retailers that promote transgender restrooms; working for salvation; and dealing with the long term effects of alcohol addiction.

It has been interesting lately … inside the studio.

The Ten Commandments

Are they in effect today?

Our first question is from Barry in Queens, New York. Andrew Farley has the answer…

Transgender Restrooms

Boycotting retailers

A question posed by Cynthia in Bayview, Idaho, concerning a boycott of Target. Bob Christopher takes the call…

Doing Our Job

To make it into heaven

It’s a big job, but somebody’s got to do it! The “job” of getting us into heaven. That’s the subject of a call from Dwight who listens in the New York area.

The Devastation of Alcohol

Effects and after-effects of the addiction

A conversation with Kelly from Austin, Texas, reveals the struggle he continues to have with alcohol, even after having been in Christ since 1994. Andrew and Bob respond.

I hope the calls and the answers from the guys are beneficial to you and hope you will stop by again next week for a visit inside the studio.

Wishing you a blessed week, everybody!

Bob Davis