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March 18, 2017


For those who may be visiting this page for the first time, the purpose of Inside the Studio is to highlight some of the most interesting questions and insightful answers from recent weeks on the Basic Gospel radio program.

Most frequently the answers you hear will be by Bob ChristopherRichard Peifer adds comments from time to time and, less freqently, and usually on Wednesday programs, we are joined by Andrew Farley.

Mine is the voice you hear every day introducing the program and the speakers, and introducing recorded or emailed questions.

The following are representative of the questions we receive routinely.

Aaron – Temple, Texas

Aaron had a question about the gospel, as taught by Peter and Paul: were they teaching different gospels?

Jeremy – via facebook

Jeremy’s question concerns Romans 11:19-24 — the breaking off and grafting in of branches.

Kimberley – Washington, D.C.

Sex and the single woman…

Ray – San Francisco

Like many, Ray struggles with the teaching that Christians must confess their sins in order to obtain ongoing forgiveness.

Rob – via Email

The importance of feelings (emotions) in the Christian life.

Wishing you a blessed week! See you next weekend.

Bob Davis