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March 4, 2017

At the National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention in Orlando

Hello, everybody!

Bob Christopher and I are just back from Orlando, Florida, site of the National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention where we had the opportunity connect with many of our affiliate owners and managers, and meet with prospective new partners in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Below are photos several of those with whom we met with just a few words about each one.

Then we will get to our questions for the week. I hope you enjoy this edition of Inside the Studio!

Here I am with Andy Santamaria. Andy is the owner of two stations in San Francisco, including our Basic Gospel affiliate, KDIA. Andy is another great friend of many years and it is always so good to see him. He is a wonderful partner in the gospel.

Here I am with Jeff Mitchell, the new General Manager of our Dallas affiliate, KWRD, The Word, and the other three Dallas area Salem Communications stations. This was our first meeting with Jeff and we are looking forward to many years partnership.

Me with Joe Jennings, Program Director, Operations Manager, and Operator at Christian Satellite Radio. The CSN network is comprised of almost 400 stations around the country and it was great to spend some time with Joe while at NRB. He is a busy man with lots to do!

Me with David Ruleman, Bob Christopher, and Tom Moyer. David is head of Salem’s SiriusXM Family Talk Channel 131, while Tom is General Manager of the Washington, D.C. Salem stations, WAVA-FM & AM. David was diagnosed last year with a very serious form of cancer. Today, he is cancer free, yet suffers the permanent results of radical treatment. He is just a warm, wonderful, delightful brother and saint of God. It was so good to see him again after many years.

One of the highlights of this past year has been our affiliation with Plano, Texas, based Dunham+Company. Within the context of that association has been working with a wonderful broadcast professional, Tracy Everson. This was our first NRB for which Tracy scheduled all our appointments and attended every meeting with us. She was great! And we appreciate Tracy so much. (I may have to do a bio on Tracy at some point. Her expertise and professionalism runs very deep in broadcast related things and she is highly respected within the industry.)

Trusting Jesus, but…

Ray – San Francisco

Why do so many gospel teachers complicate and add to the gospel?

In Britain Mothers to no longer to be called Mothers

From The Daily Mail and FOX NEWS Channel

A new directive by the British Medical Association…

Christianity: A Cold Case?

Something different this month for Basic Gospel supporters as we go outside the ministry to tap into an excellent book resource called Cold-Case Christianity. Here is what it’s about:

Confess with your mouth, believe in your heart

Samuel – New Britain, CT

Some understand this to be a condition of salvation

The just shall live by faith…

Mitch – Fresno, CA

What does that mean?

See you next week!

Bob Davis