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May 21, 2016

Greetings, everybody, and welcome!

On this week’s Inside the Studio edition, we’ll discuss several topics of interest including the age-old question about Melchizedek and Jesus; concern over the salvation of end-times people; about the perception that God’s expectations for Christians increase over time; and the response to unbelievers who deride our Christian faith.

Those calls and more on this week’s Inside the Studio


The pre-incarnate Jesus?

Ken, Newark, NJ, poses the question, was Melchizedek the pre-incarnate Jesus?


During end times

An anonymous listener, New Orleans, wanted to know, if the Holy Sprit is taken “out of the way” during the tribulation period, how can end times people be saved?

False teaching on God’s Expectations

A powerful trap

Chris, Fairfax, VA, is concerned over teaching about God’s expectations of believers.

Sharing faith

Experiencing ridicule

Stephen, New York, Now that Stephen is openly sharing his belief in Christ, why do people deride his faith?


Time to register!

Time is running short to register for our February 7-17 visit to Israel, the Holy Land. We have several spots remaining and if you sense that desire to visit the most historic and faith-relevant land on earth; walk in the footsteps of the prophets, the apostles, and even JESUS Himself, then this visit is for you!

I invite you to meet our tour guide, Abraham Hillel, as he and Bob Christopher discuss this visit will mean to those who participate in a short video.

You will find it here.

God bless! And have a wonderful weekend and upcoming new week, everybody!

Bob Davis