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May 27, 2017

As many Basic Gospel friends are discovering, we are making new friends within other ministries who are of like mind and spirit. One of these new friends with whom we’ve connected over the past three years is John Lynch with the ministry called TrueFace. John is also the author of several books, including his most recent work, The Cure.

John has appeared on the Basic Gospel radio program in the past, and was a very recent guest, as well.

I believe the message John delivers on depression is worthy of placement on this weekend’s edition of Inside the Studio.

You will hear our conversation with John as it was aired this weekend on Basic Gospel Weekend Edition.


I hope you have enjoyed what John had to share with us. Depression in its various forms and with its many causes can be a devastating oppression on our lives.

If you are experiencing depression I hope you have heard something on this program to help point you to its cause and its solution in Jesus Christ.

Bob Davis

P.S. If our Lord brings me to your mind this week, please pray for a successful result from the back surgery I underwent Wednesday.