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May 6, 2017

One reason only

Friends, we have but one reason for this weekly installment of Inside the Studio. We know that the questions presented to us by one caller or writer are shared by many others who may be listening.

We want them, too, to know they are not alone in their faith, that others are struggling with the same issues, questions, and concerns.

With that in mind, let’s look at this weekend’s entries:

Proper Doctrine

Elgin, Texas – Mark comments, then poses a question on the doctrine of forgiveness.

Speaking in Tongues

Long Beach, New York – Lusia would like to know if speaking in tongues is proof that one is “sealed”.

Bereans and Their Beliefs

Arlington Heights, Illinois – An anonymous writer would like to know why this group believes there are “two gospels”, and if they are a cult.

Denying the Holy Spirit

New Britain, Connecticut – Samuel has a friend who denies the Holy Spirit and is pressuring Samuel to do so.


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition. And please stop by again next weekend.

Bob Davis