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May 7, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!

She is the one person who connects us all. She dates from the Garden of Eden. She is Eve. Although the biblical record seems to indicate that she and Adam were driven from the garden before they began bearing children, she was the first, the original mother. And though the two made a grievous error, through her we all are born. We are all descendants of Eve. Thus, motherhood has a revered place in human history.

Though she often responds emotionally to adversity, Mother, Mom, Mum, Ma, Mama—no matter what you call her—is most usually the great stabilizing factor in our homes. She is the one who, when possible, holds things together.

I born and raised in a Southern Baptist Church and in later years sat under the teaching of the late Dr. W. A. Criswell, for more than fifty years the pastor of the great First Baptist Church of Dallas (now pastored by Dr. Robert Jeffress).

About womanhood and motherhood, on May 11, 1975, Dr. Criswell had this to say:

In the story of the expansion of the Christian faith…(t)he first convert in Europe was a woman, a Philippian woman named Lydia. In her home did the apostles abide as they preached the gospel of the grace to Europe [Acts 16:14, 40]: the whole remaking of western civilization. And the Lord only knows in how many other places is the beginning of the grace of the truth of Christ in the heart of some believing woman.

Our Christian religion is a faith that is so largely framed and shaped by her. As the dipper will hold and shape the water, so the mother holds and shapes the Christian religion.

In my opinion there is none on earth as beautiful as the true Christian mother, indwelled by Christ, and guided from within by His Holy Sprit.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are moms. And may our Lord bless you richly in your role as Mother.

Bearing burdens

Lucy, San Diego

Our long-time friend, Lucy, posed a question that comes into play with most moms: according to Scripture we are to bear one another’s burdens. How do we do that? Let’s hear how Bob Christopher replies:

Jesus saves

Maintain our own salvation?

We hear it a lot. Jesus forgave us up until the moment of our salvation. But thereafter, it’s up to us to maintain it. That’s the question from Steve in Franklin, Indiana.

Danger of losing salvation

Sam, New Brockton, AL

Revelation 22:18 is the troubling verse that Sam questions: does this mean that someone can lose their salvation?

In the Christian faith …

… we all have so much for which to be thankful. I did not grow up in the home of my mother. But I give thanks that our relationship is warm and loving and perfectly centered in faith in Jesus Christ. I love you, Mom! And again, happy Mother’s Day to all who are moms!

Bob Davis