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November 12, 2016


As you no doubt are aware, yesterday (Friday) was U.S. Veterans Day. Please take just a moment to view the short video at to see what Basic Gospel is doing to reach out to our veteran servicemen and women.



With the exception of the Los Angeles Times, all of the polls were wrong! Everyone was surprised at the outcome of Tuesday’s election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States.

Also surprising is the small number of calls we’ve received at Basic Gospel concerning the presidential campaign and election. Surprising in that it was the most contentious campaign of my lifetime and, from what I have heard and read, possibly in U.S. history.

Usually, politically motivated folks are heated enough to vent on any forum available … and ours is pretty open. But social media—Facebook and Twitter mostly—provided that outlet this time.

But very few called about the election and each caller was sincere and civil. A reflection of most Basic Gospel listeners, I’m thinking.

But here we are, the election concluded and, riots in major cities notwithstanding, I hope we all can put the ugliness aside and focus now on what’s right and good.

Let’s pray for president-elect Donald Trump and vice-president-elect Mike Pence, a professing Christian, and the new administration. Let’s pray that Mr. Trump, reportedly a relatively new Christian, will willingly be guided by the Holy Spirit to preserve our religious liberty, in particular our Christian heritage which has been coming under increasing attacks.

So… if Basic Gospel listeners didn’t call much about the election, what did they call and write about? Let’s find out on this week’s Inside the Studio…

Spouse taking money

What should she do?

Sabrina – Dallas

Trouble with Relationship with God

And women

Christopher – via off-hours recording

Believing Romans 6

Stuck in Romans 7

Praising the Lord for Romans 8

Byron – Carson City, NV

Our pets

Will they be in heaven?

Mrs. Cory – DFW

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Bob Davis