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November 14, 2015

A Happy Story

Slightly outside the Studio

Those of you who call the Basic Gospel front office are greeted by the sweet and friendly voice of Billie Raybourn. Billie has been with this ministry for nearly 19 years and is, today (Thursday, November 12, as I write this) celebrating with her husband, Russell, their 49th wedding anniversary!



With a huge percentage of U.S. marriages ending in divorce, and the actual rate of new marriages in free fall, it is great to see a story about people you know and love … whose marriage has stood the test of time and life.



That’s the story of Rusty and Billie Raybourn, and all of us at Basic Gospel are cheering the Raybourns on to that half-century mark!

Happy anniversary, Rusty and Billie!

Speaking of Happy Stories

Another Anniversary!

It seems hard to believe but it has been a full year now since we — the Basic Gospel staff — moved into our new offices and studios in Lewisville, Texas.

Our Hebron Parkway location affords much less space than our previous, church-building location, but is much more efficient and far less costly.

In celebration of a full year here, the staff got together for lunch today.

The Age of Accountability

Later-life vs. childhood salvation

It’s a question that has plagued many people through the ages. What does the Word of God have to say about “the age of accountability”?

Let’s find out as Bob Christopher addresses the topic with Alicia in Hewitt, Texas

Losing Salvation

Once saved, always saved

This, too, is a question that we have dealt with many times on the broadcast. But as we have new listeners tuning daily, we are delighted to shine the light of truth on this often troublesome subject.

Of such was the call this week from Mia in New Jersey:

My Thanks

To Coleman Christopher…

… for standing in for me on last week’s edition of Inside the Studio while I was in New York.

I have had a long-held dream of “someday” seeing a Broadway show. And on Tuesday the 3rd, that dream came true.

I was privileged to see the new version of An American in Paris at The Palace Theatre on Times Square on Broadway!

What a treat to see the performances of these very talented actors and dancers, and to hear that wonderful orchestra perform the standards composed by George and Ira Gershwin in the late 1920s. Secular music, for sure. But wonderful music that has stood the test of time. Music that I have known and loved, for one reason or another, since my teenage years. What a treat! What a thrill. I am blessed.

I hope you’ll stop by again next week for another edition of Inside the Studio. May our Lord bless you and your family.

Bob Davis