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November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanking Him and Thanking You

Greetings, everybody! I hope you are continuing to enjoy this long, Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Family, close friends, turkey & dressing, sweet potato or pumpkin pie and hot coffee, weather just cold enough to use the fireplace, college and NFL football and, yes, the first full day of the Christmas shopping season, all encompassed in one fabulous weekend in America!

Yes, that’s all part of my idea of a perfect Thanksgiving day and weekend celebration. But did you notice what’s missing? You probably did. Everything I listed was about me, when the true spirit of the occasion is to thank our great God for the bounty that He has so graciously and freely lavished upon us.

Indeed, I do THANK GOD (emphasis still not enough) that He sent Jesus to me at the time when I realized I’d had enough of “me” … and needed Him! I thank Him for giving me His life here and now; I thank Him for making an eternal provision for me in His presence; I thank Him for my family and close friends; I thank Him for blessing me with the honor, the privilege of being His ambassador in the name of Jesus Christ; I thank Him for blessing me as a part of this ministry team, and finally, I thank Him for you. You, who offer your heart-felt prayers for the health of this ministry; for the encouragement you are to all of us on the staff; and for each of you who labor together with us to support the on-going outreach of Basic Gospel … on the air, online, in print, and in every way He provides to get the word out.

My thanks to Him, and my thanks to you. May His blessings abound in your home and your life.

Thanksgiving Tradition

The Ambrose family tradition

My wife and I will be celebrating our 60th thanksgiving together this year. Three children, 8 grand children and 3 great grand children. MY wife loves preparing the meal. and we all have a lovely day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

–Bob Ambrose


Congratulations, Bob and Jeannie, on 60 years and a wonderful family! You are surely blessed! Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving tradition with us.

Asking Forgiveness

Lulu’s call

The age old question is posed once again. And Lulu should be thankful for the answer:

Scary Times

Running to Jesus

There is so much uncertainty and danger in the world today. As we have heard, the United States Department of State has issued a world-wide travel alert for Americans with the terrorist threat running high.

What is the answer when the world is going mad? Theresa, from Long Island, New York, offers the answer.

Thanksgiving Sale Continues

It’s on now!

Our annual Thanksgiving Sale continues through Sunday, December 6.

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Basic Gospel resources are fantastic for sharing with others. Each resource is produced with the sole purpose of communicating the grace of God.

We will highlight some of our best-selling products and some “staff picks” throughout the sale.

As always, we are thankful for you and for the opportunity we have to communicate the love of God through every medium possible.

From all of us at Basic Gospel, we hope you’ve had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob Davis