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November 4, 2017

Welcome to Inside the Studio!

Greetings, everybody!

As you may have noticed, over that past couple of months we’ve been leading with some of the hard passages we’ve discussed on previous daily programs.

There are many that cause considerable concern and sometimes outright fear when not seen in their context. We want Basic Gospel listeners to know the truth about these issues.

So we have combined many of these hard passage explanations into a two-CD package that we are offering as our thanks for your support during this Thanksgiving month of November.

When you make your gift — either online at … or by phone at 844-322-2742 — we’ll send you this two-CD series, Hard Passages.

But for now, let’s turn to Bob Christopher with an explanation of James 2:24-26:

Demon Possession and the Christian

A question from Mark

Kingdom Theology

An interesting question from Gord, Edmonton, Alberta…

What is the Finished Work of Christ?

A facebook question from Ed

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Bob Davis