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November 5, 2016

Into November we go!

Congratulations to our Chicago area friends! After hearing that the Cubs had won the World Series after 108 years, my friend and fellow Basic Gospel staffer Greg Parke mused, “I didn’t know we had 108-year-old baseball players.” Oh, well.

I hope you missed me on the broadcast. I’m just back after a fun week in the Colorado mountains. What awesome majesty, God’s creation!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

An interesting line-up of Q’s & A’s this week, so let’s get to them.

Tobacco, Bi-Polar

And God’s Forgiveness

Mark – Lexington, KY

Raising A Family

Missing God’s Purpose

Stan – Aurora, CO

Motivation to Ministry

While overcoming addiction

Stephanie – Dennison, TX

Following God

After a tragedy

Anonymous – Via eMail

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Bob Davis