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October 1, 2016

Greetings, everybody! And welcome to our October 1 edition of Inside the Studio. My, how the year is flying!

I hope you had the opportunity to hear our Tuesday, September 27, Basic Gospel program. It was my pleasure, along with Richard Peifer, to welcome inside the studio the Family Pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Steve Frissell.

I had heard a message by Steve last year on the subject of prayer, and it caught my attention. Since we were focusing on the subject of prayer during the month of September, I extended an invitation to him to visit with us and discuss the subject under the light of the New Covenant.

If you missed it, just click the play button:

I think you’ll find it interesting and informative. You can also find it in the archives here…

This weekend we’ll hear calls and email questions from Ryan about one who purportedly came to Christ out of a homosexual lifestyle, but then was lured back; from Cindy about how God deals with people with learning disabilities … like the mentally handicapped or those with severe brain injuries — people unable to “study to show (themselves) approved”, per 2 Timothy 2:15; from Lind about anonymous letters condemning him over a divorce he does not want; and José’s inability to find a grace-teaching church in his hometown.

Interesting questions on this weekend’s edition of Inside the Studio.


And falling back

Ryan – via eMail

Study to show yourself approved

What about people with learning disabilities?

Cindy – San Francisco

Unwanted divorce

Anonymous letters of condemnation

Lind – New York

No grace-teaching church

Okay to praise God from home?

Jose – via eMail

Thanks for stopping by. I hope these questions have been beneficial to you. Have a great week, everybody!

Bob Davis