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October 10, 2015

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of ItS.

Basic Gospel Day

This past Sunday, Pastor Joe Langley and the staff and membership of Park Meadows Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas, hosted Basic Gospel Day.

Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer were there and I asked them to give us their reflections on the day. Click below to hear what they had to say…

Hey, New Yorkers!

Your tour stop is coming soon!

The date draws near for our visit to NYC!

Join the ministry team — Bob Christopher, Richard Peifer and me — at The King’s College on Broadway, Saturday, October 24, from 9:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. for the Simply Grace Tour stop. YOU are invited!

Sessions will include:

  • God’s Guy – Bob Christopher’s personal story
  • First Things First – From spiritual death to spiritual life
  • From Fear to Faith – Forgiveness, the key to fully grasping God’s grace
  • Living a Sunday Life in a Friday World – How your Christians life is really supposed to work

Register early! Space is limited in the beautiful venue! AND…

Everyone who registers will receive a FREE copy of Simple Gospel, Simply Grace.

We hope to see YOU there!

See more on the EVENTS page.

The New Covenant Journey

It’s underway

On Friday, October 2, we began our weekly teaching series on the Basic Gospel radio program. The study centers on our study guide, The New Covenant Journey, and it promises to be a most informative series. We hope you are already participating.

If you need a copy of the guide, they are available by clicking here, and we recommend that everyone obtain a copy to follow and make notes during the program.

AND REMEMBER… If you cannot join us during the live broadcast, you can access the program(s) from our dedicated teaching page, and follow the study through the study guide.

Join us … at the time of your choosing!

The Book of Life

Will my sins be judged?

A call from Raymond in New York with a question that has plagued believers since the Scriptures were written. I am a believer, but will I be judged for my sins when The Book of Life is opened at the end of time? Before you listen to the conversation, think about it. How would you answer that question?

Let’s listen…

Thanks for checking out this edition of Inside the Studio.

Bob Davis