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October 22, 2016

Greetings, everybody! Thanks for stopping by this weekend.

In this edition of Inside the Studio we’ll address questions about the seeming rift between the apostles James and Paul concerning salvation; the contention that if indeed the Kingdom of God is here and now, why do we still have acts of violence perpetrated upon one another; about the sin unto death—what it is and why not pray for someone to be delivered from it; and a pastor’s push to engage an entire congregation into an activity that our caller felt was contrived.

Here we go!

The Doctrine of Salvation

Were James and Paul in dispute?

William – Livermore, CA

If this is the Kingdom of God

Would it have murder, rape, and abuse?

Nate – Via eMail

The Sin Unto Death

Why not pray for this?

Paul – NC

Emotional Fervency

Rousing the entire congregation

Chris – Fairfax, VA

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Bob Davis