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October 24, 2015

New York Visit

Oh! My aching back!

While Bob Christopher (BC) and Richard Peifer are off to New York on the Simply Grace Tour, I’m staying home with a painful back. It’s no fun. None at all. If you’ve had back issues you can empathize. Otherwise you can just sympathize. LOL! Actually not LOLing.

Nevertheless, it’s always good for us to get out of the office and out of town to meet with our listeners and friends across the country.

New York! What an exciting place to share the good news of the love of Christ Jesus!

Day of Boldness

Joining other familiar voices

On Friday, BC was invited by our New York affiliate, WMCA, to join increasingly familiar pastor Robert Jeffress (First Baptist Church, Downtown Dallas), and pastor Dimas Salaberrios (Street God: Taking Your Church Into The Streets), to speak at a special pastors’ event, Day of Boldness, a seminar to challenge and encourage believers to live out their faith with boldness.

Simply Grace Tour

The Tour is on!

On Saturday, Richard joined Bob at The King’s College, Mid-town Manhattan, for the first stop on the Simply Grace Tour. In the seminar, Bob and Richard covered such topics as:

  • God’s Guy – Bob’s personal story to the way of grace
  • First Things First – From spiritual death to spiritual life
  • Fear to Faith – Forgiveness is the key to fully grasp the grace of God
  • Living a Sunday Life in a Friday World
  • How your Christian life is really supposed to work

Working for God’s Love

But hurting and fearing inside

A question from Jose

On the Air

The New Covenant Journey

The weekly series based on our study guide, The New Covenant Journey, is going well. There is so much rich teaching, things about the love and provision of God, to be learned. I hope you are taking advantage of this opportunity to grow in your understanding of what God has provided for us through the blood and life of Jesus in the New Covenant.

A copy of the study guide is available from our online store. Just click this link to request yours:


For stopping by

I appreciate hearing from those of you who have written to offer thanks and appreciation of the items included in Inside the Studio. It is a joy and privilege to share my thoughts and reflections with you each week. God’s rich blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord to you all.

Bob Davis