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October 3, 2015

It’s October Already

My favorite season!

For many of us, after a long, hot, dry summer, the weather is finally beginning to cool a bit. The football season is well underway; major league baseball anticipates an exciting run to the World Series; and soon many of the forested areas of our country will experience the awesome color-burst of autumn as it turns the leaves to flame. What a great time of year—my absolute favorite—as we turn the corner and begin to anticipate the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

The Tetrad is Complete

The Final Blood Moon … for now

Over the past several years, there has been much discussion, debate, and anticipation of what might unfold with relation to God’s timetable in conjunction with various Jewish feast observances converging with a blood moon tetrad, the final of the four having occurred on September 27.

Some have conjectured that the return of Jesus would happen at the time of such a blood moon tetrad. If that is correct, it will be a while longer. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) the next blood moon tetrad will occur in about 600 years. That would be … like, 2615.

The Deity of Christ

Limiting Himself

A question from Jeanna that gets down to basics — Jesus then… and Jesus now:

Failing to Share

Dealing with guilt

Years ago a certain Texas evangelist developed a manual to teach laypeople how to share their faith in Jesus. There was strong emphasis on the believers’ responsibility to share the gospel with everyone they came in contact with.

On the manual’s cover was depicted a pair of open hands, dripping with blood. Through those bloody hands marched the multitudes into hell … all because someone failed to tell them about Jesus.

Is that an accurate assessment of our individual responsibility, or an ill conceived notion? That’s what Chris, from Fairfax, Virginia, wanted to know.

Friday Teaching Edition

The New Covenant Journey

Yesterday we debuted our first Friday teaching edition and we’re looking forward to the weeks ahead as we study the Word of God together. In case you missed it or you just want to review you can listen here. We’ve set up a single webpage just for the teaching series. If you don’t have a study guide, be sure to order online here, or call 844.412.2742 to get your copy.

As always, I’m glad you stopped by and hope you found this edition of Inside the Studio interesting and helpful.

Bob Davis